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Best Ab Workouts

Best Ab WorkoutsIt’s summer time again, and you’re telling yourself you’re going to work out your abs and grasp that ever elusive six pack. You’ve dreamt about it all winter long, so now it’s time to get that gut into tip-top shape. And here are three of the best ab workouts that will help you do just that …

The Reverse Crunch

Reverse?!?! You might be thinking you already have enough trouble with the normal crunch and the reverse crunch will only be ten times harder. But really, it’s a pretty straightforward way to work out your six pack region, it's one of best ab workouts, and lower ab workouts (which can also help reduce back pain and relieve stress from your spine). To do this abdominal exercise right:



Lying on the floor, place your hands either on the floor beside your body or place them behind your head.

Bring your knees toward your chest so that they are bent in a 90 degree angle. Keep your feet together, or cross them.

Contract your abs so that your hips curl off the floor, and reach your legs up toward the ceiling.

Lower your body and repeat for 10-15 reps.







The movement that takes place in this abdominal exercise is very small and it’s important to use your abs to lift your hips versus using the momentum of your legs. It’ll feel like it only works out your lower abs, but in all honesty you can’t separate the lower from the upper and doing workouts that benefit both is extremely important.

The Windshield Wipers

If you think of the amount of action your windshield wipers perform during a bad storm, you can begin to imagine how great this abdominal workout will be for your body. And whenever you’re starting to get tired or on the verge of quitting, just visualize the rock hard abs you’ll get and what they’ll look like as water from the pool glistens against them, this is truly a killer ab workout.


Start by lying on your back with your arms in a “T” position, i.e. arms spread out so your body looks like the letter T.

Lift your legs so that they are at a 90 degree angle (perpendicular to the floor).

Without breaking contact with the floor, rotate your hips so that your legs move left to right (like a windshield wiper).

Do 10-15 reps.






Make sure you move slowly when doing this exercise. Also, keep your movements controlled. Remember you aren’t actuallywindshield wipers and therefore, in this case, speed can cause more damage than good.

The Jack Knife

As dangerous as this abdominal exercise sounds, that’s how dangerous your abs will look after a few weeks of doing it, this is one of the best ab workout around.

Lie on your back and extend your arms above your head (you’ll be forming one long line with your body).

At the same time, lift your legs and arms toward the ceiling. Do this until your fingertips touch your toes. If your fingers can’t touch your toes, that’s fine. Go as far as you can.

Slowly lower your arms and legs, returning to the starting position.

Do 10-15 reps.







Sounds simple, right? It really is. All, of these abdominal exercises are some of the best ab workouts around. Mix these into your regular exercise regime and you’re on the road to having that six pack you’ve only dreamed of. If you don’t have a normal workout regime, make sure you make one. Doing cardio work (along with a decent diet) will help speed up your journey toward having a ripped stomach.


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