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Get Abs FastThe test of truly strong abs in when you can supplement your own body weight while doing abdominal exercises. If you’re able to support your weight primarily through your ab strength, you’ve definitely reached the next level of definition and strength in your mid-region. To test your abdominal strength, or to begin reaching this next level, you can use the parallel bars, along with ankle weights or a medicine ball, to perform this great abdominal exercise to get abs fast.

Hip Raises
Doing hip raises on parallel bars require that you have some abdominal strength. Even if you don’t exactly have the abs, doing this exercise can help begin to build your ab muscles and take them to new heights. Using a medicine ball or ankle weights force your abs to do more work and is a more challenging way to work out your abdominal muscles.


Strap ankle weights onto each leg, or place a medicine ball between your knees.

Your body should be straight (up and down) with the entire weight supported by your arms.

Raise your legs and hips toward your chest; your goal is to try and form at least a 90 degree angle with your body.

Focus on tightening your abs as you pull your legs up. If your hips are not being moved upwards, this means you are not using your lower abs during this exercise. Your goal is to exercise both the upper and lower abs.

Once your legs are as high as you can left them, hold them in this position for one second. DO NOT hold your breath as you attempt to hold them steady. Remember to breathe.

Slowly lower your legs and return to the vertical position you started again.

Repeat for 10-15 reps. and you will get abs fast












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You can also perform this exercise using a Roman chair or dip bars, especially if you’d rather have a back rest to provide better stability. If your ab strength is on the weak side, you might want to consider practicing this abdominal workout without using the weights or medicine ball. This will not only help build up your abs, but also develop muscle memory when the motions are required and the extra weight has your doubting your ability. Thistype of abdominal exercise really helps to strengthen your core and make you a stronger person. After all, there’s a lot more to having great abs than making the ladies (or gentlemen) swoon. 

Sculpting the kind of washboard waistline everyone desires doesn't require you to always follow the same road everyone else took to get there. It's hard to stay committed enough to see results if you're not in tune with a program from the start. That's why having a solid ab routine to choose from can help you determine the best approach for you.

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