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Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Abs 

Truth About AbsThe Truth About Six Pack Abs is a combined nutrition and ab exercise program designed for maximum fat loss, with the main target of losing excess abdominal fat, getting a flat stomach and six pack abs. The Truth About Abs is suitable for everyone, at any fitness level featuring Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level workouts, also including tips for women to avoid “bulking up.”The Truth About Abs is the most downloaded weight loss and six pack abs program, with over 267,367 copies sold. Mike Geary, The Truth About Abs creator is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and also a Certified Nutrition Specialist.Mike Geary.

What's Covered?

We were very surprised at just how much information is covered in the program. The Truth About Abs starts at the very basics. Such as, things to consider before starting a ab exercise program, choosing the right foods and exercises for you, junk food-proofing your home, dealing with personal trainers, and then moves on to the program details basic though advanced.

How It works

Mike Geary - Truth About AbsMike Geary, the creator of The Truth About Six Pack Abs, is also a contributing author to many popular weight loss and fitness magazines, and is also a frequent radio show guest. Mike is a Certified Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer, specializing in unique abdominal exercise and weight loss strategies along with functional strength and power training. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree and says: “I dedicate myself to constantly staying up-to-date on new and innovative training strategies and the latest nutrition tips in order to pass this valuable information on to you." 

The Truth About Abs is based on 3 basic elements 

Diet strategies – The Truth About Abs offers a “fully comprehensive” diet and nutrition plan. 

full-body exercise /Interval Training – Most of the exercises can be done at home with no major gym equipment, in 30 to 50 minute sessions done 3 to 4 times a week. All that is needed at home is basic equipment (adjustable dumbbells, stability ball). Access to equipment gives you more options to maximize your weight loss and abdominal exercises. 

Mindset and motivation tools – Includes great mindset strategies to help reach your goals and achieve permanent weight loss.

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What We Liked

It's common for overweight and out of shape people to get frustrated and just give up and assume there is no hope. I really liked the fact that this program refuses to acknowledge this ridiculous viewpoint, and supplies you with hands-on, clearly demonstrated step-by-step ab exercises on how to get a flat stomach.

I also liked the fact that the program doesn't just focus on one or two aspects of abdominal exercises: the manual deals with all common problems, and the clear, step-by-step approach tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. All of the tips and advice come directly from the author's (Mike Geary) real-life experience, so you know they work!

Another benefit is the individualized support from the staff. If you've got any questions regarding the program that you'd like some personal assistance with, email the team: they'll do whatever they can to make sure your questions and problems are resolved.


A great program for men or woman.
Suitable for all ages 18-60+
Noticeable results within 2- 3 weeks
 A dynamic weight loss, fitness and abdominal exercise program.
Tips for women and options for steady or accelerated fat loss.
This program has a great section for weight loss meals.
With the comprehensive weight loss and ab exercise components, this is a complete body transformation program.
  Mike Geary is a (C.P.T) and knows that motivation is half the battle. there are many mindset techniques to follow.
  Mike Geary does a great job of helping you to rev up your drive and enthusiasm.

So, does the Truth About Abs program actually work?

In short, if you have excess abdominal fat to lose and want to get a flat stomach or six pack abs then YES, this program will work for you. The overall conclusion was that the program worked for everyone that tried it here. Everyone's results were different, however they were successful losing weight and became more healthy following the manual.

Our Results

This program offers a 8 week guarantee that you will loss weight and see results.Of course, the results you achieve depend greatly from person to person based on your body weight,type,dedication..etc. All of our reviews are based on following the program to the exact program description's at the minimum required time. We were seeing results within 2 weeks of using the program.

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I strongly recommend that you check out The Truth About Six Pack Abs. What we loved about this program is that it contains comprehensive Fat Loss and Abdominal exercise guides AND how to make losing fat easy, plus a nutrition guide, fat loss guide, ab stomach exercise guide and more. Also it is regularly updated, which is really important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our final thoughts on the program.....
Truth About AbsIf you're interested in learning how to burn fat (from your midsection and your entire body) quickly, safely and permanently, this could be  one of the best investments we think you could possibly make. It's an incredible value this program is endorsed by top fitness experts, was created by a reputable expert and more importantly, its highly effective at producing results fast.

We Know this is a great program, however the most common complaint about the program was that there were not a lot of meal plans to use and follow in the program. Now, this is a fantastic exercise guide for losing fat and weight loss. But, everyone that used the program wished there were more examples of healthy recipes and meal plans. Because Mike Geary is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer we know he is capable of adding a ton more diet and healthy recipes we just cant figure out why he didn't.

The Solution.......
The best solution to this that we found was add a "diet and nutrition" only program along with The Truth About Abs. In fact, Mike has just recently released a diet and nutrition program called The Fat Burning Kitchen which will teach you how to create Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation and how to make your body a fat burning machine -  Of course Mike offers a discount if you buy both programs.

If you're truly serious about achieving flat, sculpted and sexy abs, these additional features are strongly recommended and can be purchased for only a few extra bucks. and with the 100% money back Guarantee you have northing to complain about.

Read more about The Fat Burning Kitchen and see the discounted price by clicking here

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