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Diet Soda, Good Or Bad?  

Diet Soda, Good Or Bad?We all know by now diet soda is one of the worst things that you could drink while trying to get in shape, with all those chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, and a number of health problems that could be a direct result of this carbonated cocktail that is worshipped by those that don't care about their health or body. I know because your reading this, that you do in fact, care about you body and health, so back to the question, is diet drinks good for you?

Some people really believe that drinking diet beverages is a good thing while trying to lose abdominal fat. In fact, I've talked to a lot of people that are so proud to say they are on a great diet eating all the right foods and they only drink diet soda. I will tell you right now, there is NOTHING at all healthy about drinking diet beverages. In fact, I have seen diet soda studies that have dedicated diet soda drinkers and got even fatter than there regular soda drinking counterparts. This should already answer your question, diet soda is not good for you at all, does it make you fatter? Without a doubt.

You may be thinking "How does diet soda make you fat"? I thought it was better for you? Here are some findings of a 8 year study done by a Texas University that I have read in the past.

Below are claims by the students that did the study."What we found and was not that surprising, was that the total soft drink use was linked to the overweight""What the surprising fact was that when we looked at the people only drinking diet beverages, there risk to stay overweight was even higher.""There was a 42 percent increase in risk of being overweight, per can of diet soda they drankper day." 

Ok, so now all these studies and facts are coming out saying how bad diet soda is and how it makes you fatter, when everyone thought regular soda was the bad guy. Well, there are many factors that you need to realize first.

Right of the bat, all of the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks create a negative hormonal response in your body and the fat storing hormone increases production. When this happens, the fat storing hormone tells your body its hungry for more sweets and bad carbohydrates in a short time period after consuming the diet beverage. Another reason why people get fatter while drinking diet drinks is because they subconsciously think they can eat more of everything else, Which means more overall daily calorie intake. There is a great article about this in the TheTruth About Six Pack Abs eBook. This is to inform you that you really need to just stop drinking diet soda or any other diet drink with artificial sweeteners. There is really no other way around it.

So what are good alternatives to diet drinks? One of the best is just plain water with a lemon wedge or unsweetened iced teas. many options. Your many options are Black, White, Green, Red or Oolong. You can get creative and as a bonus you will be getting a much more array of antioxidant's. 

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