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Good Carbs VS. Bad Carbs

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs.In recent years, there has been controversy and confusion on "carbs" of all kinds. I would like to give some input and hopefully clear up what might be puzzling you, here is some information on carbs of al kinds..

Over consuming processed carbohydrates like pasta, rice, cereals, crackers, muffins, bagels, candies, breads (even whole grain), juices, and sodas make it very difficult to lose body fat and it then becomes a struggle, even if you are one to workout very hard. Did you know that by consuming these carbohydrates, your blood sugar can go wild and the insulin in the body surges and can promote direct body fat deposition? Did you know that cravings and appetites increase if too many carbs are consumed? Some carbohydrates sources that are thought to be healthy by many consumers, just add calories and not a whole lot of nutrients. These sources include many cereals and breads, which mislead the consumer by smart marketing, by pretending to be "whole grain" when

the first ingredient is actually refined flour.

I feel that the people who are struggling to lose body fat could do so by following these different guidelines.

1. Focus more on free-range and/or grass-fed meats and eggs, grass-fed raw dairy, and many vegetables. Reduce or stay away from cereal, rice, pasta, etc. that are grain-based crab products. Instead, get carbs from a variety of whole fruits, berries, sweet potatoes and a variety of vegetables (no fruit juice because beneficial fiber and other necessary parts of the fruit are eliminated).

2. If you do buy grains, the germ and bran are the most fibrous and nutrient dense, which means the oat bran instead of the oatmeal. By adding wheat germ or rice bran to yogurt, salads, soups, cottage cheese, and anything else, you get the most beneficial nutritious parts of the grains and not increase the intake of excess starches and calories. If you need to replace the bad carb intake, try replacing them with good carbs such as nuts, avocados, seeds, and nut butters. Your appetite will be better satisfied, hormone and blood sugar levels properly controlled, and aiding you to make real progress on fat loss will go a long way with healthy fats and proteins

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