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Stability Ball Exercises

Stabilit Ball ExercisesThe stability ball exercises are some of the best to use when trying to strengthen up your abs. Many of the abdominal workouts you can do with an stability ball are ranked high on the list of best abdominal workouts. The great thing about the stability ball (also called a exercise ball) is that you can access them at the gym or have one at home, so it's easy to get your stability ball exercises. TheTruth About Six Pack Abs Program  offers many stability ball exercises.




Here are 4 of the top abdominal exercises you can do with an exercise ball:

The Ball Twist: with thisworkout you need to get into a pushup position. Have your feet on either side of the ball; turn your ankles so that you’re basically hugging the ball). Make sure your hips are straight and your shoulders are directly under your shoulders. Keeping your body in a straight line, contract your abs. Keep your shoulders level and

slowly twist the ball

to the right and then to the left. Make sure you aren’t sagging in the middle.


The Butt Lift: This abdominal workoutrequires that you lie on the exercise ball with your head, neck and shoulders supported. Your knees should be bent and your body should be in a table-top position. Begin to lower your hips toward the floor (make sure the ball is not rolling). Then squeeze your butt to raise your hips. You want your body to end up in a straight line, similar to a bridge. Make sure you’re pressing through the heels and not your toes.

The Hip Extension: lie ownand have your feet propped up against the ball. Slowing lift your hips off the floor, squeezing your butt and keeping your abs contracted. Do this until your body is in a straight line. Hold yourself like this for a second or two and then lower your body back down.

The Back Extension: Begin this abdominalexercise by positioning the ball under your hips and lower torso. You can have you knees either in a bent or straight position. Keeping your hands behind your head or back, slowly roll down the ball. While keeping your body aligned and your abs tightened, lift your chest off the ball and bring your shoulders up until your body is in a straight line.

While doing these abdominal exercises make sure to follow these tips

  • When first trying out the stability ball exercises, you should hold onto a wall or have the ball propped against the wall (or another sturdy object) to provide extra stability.

  • All of the exercises should be done in reps of 10-15. Start out with one set and try to build your way up to three.

  • If you’re not clear on how to perform a move correctly, don’t injure yourself by trying it out anyway. It’s best to avoid it all together.

  • Avoid any moves that cause you pain.

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