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Busy Gym Workout's

Busy Gym WorkoutsWhen you are a beginner just starting a new fat loss and exercise program, it can be very  intimidating and confusing.

For me anyway, it is so frustrating when im trying to get done with my high intensity exercises and i cant because there is someone taking up valuable gym space doing some half effort exercises or screwing around with there ipod. As I have learned if you are able to concentrate on your ipod or reading than your not concentrating enough on your workout.

Over crowded gyms are a pain, and there getting worse every day. So I have put a new workout together for you to try, without anyone getting in your way. The workout is based on one of my favorite's for fat loss, Interval training. Interval training is one of the most effective ways to lose fat, and is what most "successful" exercise programs are based on. such as, Turbulence Training.

The workout consists of 2 exercises that you can perform at one spot in the gym . So, you only require a little area in the gym without anyone getting in your way.

First you need to warm-up, if you are short on time you can decrease the amount of reps but never skip a warm-up. I recommend this as a warm-up guideline, you will want to perform this as a 2-0-1 tempo.
12 reps of step-ups or squats
25 second of the plank
10 reps of push-ups
12 reps of the band pull or rowing
Perform 2 sets of the warm-up exercises.




Ok, here are the guidelines for interval training. Research has shown that interval training is very effective for losing excess stomach fat. I recommend using the stationary bicycle for interval training because it allows for easy recovery and work transitions. If you have any tight muscles after the interval training then stretch them, but only stretch the muscles that are tight.

Beginner Interval Training:

Warm-up for 5 minutes
Perform these interval's for 30 seconds at 70% of your maximum. (fast)
Follow by 90 seconds of interval's at 30% of your maximum. (slow)
Do this for 4-8 reps. and finish with 6-12 minute cool down of moderate intensity exercise 50% of your maximum.






Advanced Interval Training:

Warm-up for 10 minutes
Perform a interval by exercising 30 seconds at 90% of your maximum.
Follow by (active rest) 60 seconds of interval's at 30% of your maximum.
Do this for 4-8 reps, and finish with 6-12 minute cool down of moderate intensity exercise 50% of your maximum.






Exercise A.


Wide Squat-10 reps-set your feet 6 inches wider than shoulder width.

1B, Chin-Ups- 8 reps-if you are unable to do this, than do reverse lat pull downs. Rest 1 minute then go back and do wide squats. Do this interval exercise then go on to the next exercises.
2A, Step-Ups-10 reps per leg- You need to use a step that is high enough to make your leg bend 90 degrees at the knee.
2B, Barbell rows-10 reps-keep back arched, rest 1 minute do this interval exercise 3 times, then move on to the next exercise.
3A, Side Plank-8 reps per side-Flex or brace your abs for 10 seconds per rep. while keeping your body straight.
3B, Balence Ball Jacknife-15 reps-rest 20 seconds, back to side plank, do this 3 times.

Exercise B.

1A Dumbell Chest Press-10 reps-Set the incline on the bench 1 notch above flat.
1B Dumbell Roman Dead lift-10 reps-Your back needs to be arched the entire movement of this exercise. 1 minute rest then go back to 1A.
2A Dumbell Chest Press-10 reps-Lift the dumbbell's straight up on this exercise and not together.
2B Dumbell Deltoid Raise-10 reps-Perform this exercise slowly so you don't use momentum, keep your lower back ached, 1 minute rest, do this 3 times and move on to the next exercise.
3A Push-Ups (elevated)-15 reps-Place your hands on a box or a step 4-5 inches tall and lower your body as close to the ground as possible.
3B Balence Ball Rollout-20 reps-Don't allow your back to bend or arch in this exercise, keep your body in a strait line at all times.

After your workout be sure to follow up with a post workout meal.

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