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Does Cardio Work For Fat Loss?



Cardio exercise is very strange if you sit down and think about it. In reality, it should work very well while trying to lose excess stomach fat weather for a man or a woman, but many of us that have tried it, know that you feel like your never making any progress. A I have learned from The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program there are many more effective  cardio methods.

Some, men and woman bust there butt's doing 7 or even 10 hours a week on cardio and still have excess abdominal fat that never seams to go away. While on the other hand cardio seams to work out fine for some people.

A few British researchers wanted to find why cardio worked for some people but not for others. So, 35 overweight men and woman that had no exercising experience.

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The test subjects exercised 5 times a week for 12 weeks, witch is a lot by anyone's standards. It helped the subjects lose an average of 8.2 witch is great, it was very surprising to me that they were able to get those results.

The best subject lost a massive 32.3 lbs in 12 weeks while the worst subject actually gained 3.74 lbs. The British scientists believe they know what went wrong. They split the test subjects up into 2 groups the first group was the Compensator's and the second group was the 'non' Compensator's.

The compensator's were much more hungrier and ate an average of 268 calories a day more, if you think about it that took care of there cardio efforts.

The researchers have found that if your appetite increases while you do slow cardio your cardio efforts will be ruined as well.

If your current cardio exercising efforts are not working for you, you should check your appetite and calorie intake to make sure you are not compensating your efforts. If You are, compensating you might be better off with an high intensity exercise program like in the THE TRUTH ABOUT ABS  to maximize your fat lose efforts.

It, has been shown in research that interval training increases hormones. And increased hormones can reduce appetite, among other excess fat burning benefits.

In the real world not many people can lose almost 33 lbs in 12 weeks of doing cardio, many people can't even achieve 8 lbs with regular exercise. So once again, next time your in the gym try a high intensity workout, you will get much better results much faster.

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